About us

Tamara-owner-of-tamadafoodsHaving a restaurant was my long standing dream. As a girl, I was inspired by watching my mother cook Georgian dishes and loved its diversity and taste. I later realised Georgian cuisine was a gem yet to be discovered by the world and that’s what made me convert my hobby into a real business. I knew I had to make very big changes and quit what I was doing to follow my dream. That’s how with support of my family and close friends  I started up a family restaurant, TAMADA. 


 It was a natural development of the restaurant that brought me to launch my Georgian ready meals company, TAMADA FOODS. The idea came from the desire to introduce this unique cuisine to the wider audience, as well as encouragement from many of TAMADA’s loyal customers.

Based in North West London, TAMADA FOODS offers a wide variety of hand-made dishes, inspired by the culinary traditions of Georgia and developed through the centuries. Our products are delicious to the taste and unique, made exclusively from fresh, local produce, subtly blended with Georgian herbs and spices.

Most of the ingredients used in our products are excellent sources of protein and provide a rich source of energy, contain many health-benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for optimum health.

Most importantly our products are delicious, unique for the UK market, made from fresh local produce and exotic spices.

Tamara Lordkipanidze

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